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Why Is Corrugated Plastic Sheet Equipped With Dust Cloth


Corrugated Plastic Sheet has strong moisture-proof, fla […]

Corrugated Plastic Sheet has strong moisture-proof, flame-retardant, anti-static, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, anti-UV, anti-vibration, and temperature-isolation functions. Today, let’s discuss the role of dustproof cloth on Corrugated Plastic Sheet, right?

The hollow board turnover box is made of non-toxic PP polypropylene. The overall material is very light and can be processed into knife card packaging, anti-static packaging, and skeleton packaging according to the actual use field and needs of customers. Therefore, adding a dust-proof cloth to the box is a cloth material with a strong dust-proof and dust-proof function. This material is made of transparent mesh cloth or nylon cloth. Its overall weight is very light and can effectively filter and prevent external dust. The pollution inside the box can not only reduce the overall weight of the box but also enhance its use effect, effectively ensuring the interests of customers and the service life of the box itself.


In actual use, the thickness and density of the dust-proof cloth directly determine whether the box is strong and durable, so when we choose the hollow board box of dust-proof cloth, we must shop around and cooperate with those formal brands with strong production capacity. To prevent inferior products from affecting our interests.

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