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What Are The Accessories Of Corrugated Plastic Container


Corrugated Plastic Container is a commonly used logisti […]

Corrugated Plastic Container is a commonly used logistics box, packing box, and turnover box. It has a variety of accessories and flexible combinations. The specific classification is as follows:

1. Corner protection: Different boxes are equipped with different accessories, such as ordinary double-layer boxes, ordinary single-layer boxes, anti-static double-layer boxes, anti-static single-layer boxes, bending corners, aluminum corners, etc.

2. Bottom corner: It is divided into a common bottom corner, lace bottom corner, large bottom corner, aluminum bottom corner, etc. Among them, the aluminum bottom corner is heavier and the ordinary bottom corner is more commonly used.

3. Side strips: ordinary PVC side strips, ordinary PP side strips, ordinary PP side strips, anti-static side strips, aluminum alloy side strips, folded side strips, thick board side strips, thick board side strips, thick Box bending edge strip, thick plate box bending edge strip, etc.

4. Triangular strips: divided into PVC triangular strips, PP triangular strips, aluminum alloy triangular strips, etc.

5. Hand clasping: divided into the common clasp, hollow clasp, anti-static, nailed hollow clasp, double nailed hollow clasp, etc. Customers can choose freely according to their needs.

6. Binding material: nailing, welding, hot air gun, etc., mainly used to fix the box body, connecting by ultrasonic, flat wire, rivet, self-drilling screw, hot air gun welding, etc., to assemble ordinary plates.

7. Laminating materials: black EVA, gray EVA, anti-static EVA, EPE, yellow flannel, and other auxiliary materials, which can be tightly combined with the calcium plastic board by glue, tape, or bonding.

8. Cloths: mesh cloth, grid cloth, Oxford cloth, etc., which are mainly used to make dust-proof covers, which can be flexibly matched with plates, beautiful and durable, convenient, and simple.

9. Card bags: Mainly used to make cardholders on the side of the box. Small labels and stickers can be inserted in the middle. The identification is clear, which is convenient for statistics and can be classified and managed.

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