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Corrugated Plastic Case Manufacturers Introduce The Difference Between Hollow Board And Calcium Plastic Board


In daily life, the hollow board and calcium plastic boa […]

In daily life, the hollow board and calcium plastic board are the boards we often use, so what is the difference between them before? Next, Corrugated Plastic Case Manufacturers will introduce the difference between hollow board and calcium plastic board?

1. Hollow board, it is a kind of board made of PP polypropylene, also known as Wantong board, lattice board, corrugated board, its overall weight is very light, easy to handle and store, and has strong moisture resistance, Flame-retardant, anti-static, corrosion-resistant, UV-resistant, sound insulation, easy to fold, non-toxic and tasteless, etc. It is currently a very environmentally friendly and cost-effective material.


2. Calcium plastic board and plastic hollow board have many similarities, but it will add a certain amount of calcium carbonate during processing to increase its ductility and compression resistance. Generally, it is added with a lightweight ratio of about 60%. Calcium carbonate and 40% high-pressure polyethylene resin, through high-pressure mixing, hot pressing, and other processes, make the board more practical and durable.


In addition to the above differences, we can also distinguish the differences between the two types of boards by their cross-sections. The cross-section of the calcium plastic board is wavy, while the cross-section of the hollow board is hollow.


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