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  • How Is Corrugated Plastic Sheet Recycled


    The express boxes we usually use are disposable items, which may be discarded after use. Today we are going to tell you how to recycle the Corrugated Plastic Sheet for express boxes. 1. In the past, m...

  • Advantages Of Corrugated Plastic Tote


    There are many corrugated plastic products in daily life. The Corrugated Plastic Tote is one of the classics.   The Bird's Nest design was first used in the US postal system, but in the past few ...

  • The Service Life Of Corrugated Plastic Case


    Corrugated Plastic Case can be a product that is frequently used in the logistics industry or turnover operations, and it also plays an important role. Therefore, for us, it is necessary to have a com...

  • The Use Process Of Corrugated Plastic Container


    Below, let’s discuss the scope of application of  Corrugated Plastic Container  : Industrial product packaging turnover: electronic component packaging turnover box, plastic parts turnover box, box pa...

  • Why Corrugated Plastic Box Is More And More Popular


    Corrugated Plastic Box is an outer packaging product recommended by many countries. It has been widely used and loved by people because of its advantages of moisture resistance, good toughness, pollut...

  • Application Range Of Corrugated Plastic Partitions


    Corrugated Plastic Partitions are made of low-pressure polyethylene as the main raw material, calcium carbonate as the filler, and various additives. The calendered and hot-bonded calcium-plastic box ...

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