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How To Improve The Compressive Strength Of Corrugated Plastic Container


How to improve the compressive strength of Corrugated P […]

How to improve the compressive strength of Corrugated Plastic Container :

1. External, place the embedded steel frame, but the steel frame can only be placed at the border of the hollow board box, which can reduce the damage to the hollow board caused by collision and wear.

2. Embedding, the whole is embedded in the thin wire support frame;

3. Use high-purity raw materials, use high-purity raw materials, and use less or no recycled materials, so that the particles are consistent and the density is relatively high.

4. Pay attention to the filler, and add glass fiber, carbon fiber material, and abs material during processing to increase the toughness of the hollow board.

5. Select different sheet types, hollow sheets include M-shaped, M-shaped, and H-shaped, and different specifications have different compressive strengths;

The last thing is to pay attention to maintenance and care, and not expose to the sun, which can improve the use time of the hollow board box. The hollow board should take into account the cost and other product characteristics.

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