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  • How To Improve The Service Life Of Outdoor Corrugated Plastic Sign?


    Usually, the outdoor Corrugated Plastic Sign adopts 4mm thick white PP corrugated board. When it encounters extreme weather such as rain, the Corrugated Plastic Sign is too humid, and the temperature ...

  • Corrugated Plastic Bin Has A Lot Of Design Space


    Corrugated Plastic Bin is used in the trash can industry in daily life due to its lightweight, strong durability, and can be flattened during transportation and storage to save space.   In terms ...

  • Features Of Corrugated Plastic Case


    Below, let’s discuss the scope of application of Corrugated Plastic Case : 1. Industrial product packaging turnover: electronic component packaging turnover box, plastic parts turnover box, box partit...

  • Corrugated Plastic Sheet Usage Details


    Today, we will share the advantages of Corrugated Plastic Sheet : 1. Good mechanical properties The special structure of the plastic hollow board makes it has excellent mechanical properties such as g...

  • What Are The Material Characteristics Of Corrugated Plastic Container


    Corrugated Plastic Container is generally made of corrugated plastic. This kind of material is made of low-melting fat (less than 3) PP polypropylene or high-density PE polyethylene raw materials, add...

  • Corrugated Plastic Sheet Has A Wide Range Of Applications


    The packaging boxes are constantly evolving with the different needs of people's lives. Nowadays, corrugated plastics have become popular instead of cardboard. Therefore, the use of a Corrugated Plast...

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