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Corrugated Plastic Case Suppliers Introduces The Color Matching Method Of Pp Hollow Board


PP hollow board is not only practical but also has a va […]

PP hollow board is not only practical but also has a variety of different colors to choose from. The manufacturer can customize according to the color needs of customers. Below, Corrugated Plastic Case Suppliers introduces the color adjustment method of PP hollow board:

1. Hollow board color matching: Establish a database of commonly used colors (dyeing) according to requirements (prepare basic color boards and enter them). Then input the incoming color palette into the computer under the software menu, click on a number of candidate pigments in the keyboard, and immediately calculate a series of formulas, which are listed in order of color difference and price for color matching.

2. Revision of the hollow board formula: modify the computer to list formulas and formulas from other sources. When the color difference is unqualified, use the inconsistent reflection curve displayed on the display to directly increase or decrease the amount of pigment through the keyboard until the two curves basically coincide, and the revised formula is obtained.

3. Color chromatic aberration control: measure the color strength of the colorant, the whiteness of the product, the color fastness of the product, and the color chromatic aberration. Since the computer can quantitatively express the color performance index, it is conducive to the communication and transmission of information between the two parties.

4. Color management: The color samples, formulas, process conditions, production dates, and users used in daily work can be stored in the computer, which is convenient for retrieval, search and reference when modifying, which is convenient and fast, and improves work efficiency.

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