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Is Corrugated Plastic Sheet Anti-static


As we all know, Corrugated Plastic Sheet has great adva […]

As we all know, Corrugated Plastic Sheet has great advantages in the same level of sheets. It is made of recycled PP material, so it is very light in weight. The anti-static hollow sheet made of this kind of sheet will also be the same. Continue these advantages.

1. In addition to environmental protection and non-toxicity, PP hollow board also has an anti-static function. For some very precise instruments or metal products, it is very suitable to use a hollow board material turnover box during transportation and storage.

2. The principle of anti-static of the hollow board. In fact, the reason why this kind of board has the function of anti-static is that it has added polypropylene as a raw material to the material during production.

3. However, the anti-static hollow boards sold on the market nowadays are also various. Some products have not been strictly tested and entered the market. If we are not paying attention, we may buy substandard products. Caused serious losses to our own interests.

4. If you want to buy, you must also have a detailed understanding of the manufacturer, production batch number, and production date, and select the appropriate model from the dazzling array of product specifications.

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