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Corrugated Plastic Case Suppliers Introduce The Precautions For Purchasing Plastic Turnover Boxes


With the development of logistics and warehousing indus […]

With the development of logistics and warehousing industries, plastic crates as tight storage and handling tool are becoming more and more important to everyone. Do corrugated plastic case suppliers introduce what should be paid attention to when purchasing plastic crates?
1. Look at the material. There are three types of materials: new materials, ordinary materials, and all old materials. New materials, hence the name suggests, are pure new materials purchased from material manufacturers. Used material, also known as recycled material, is 100% used plastic. Ordinary materials, this is the most widely used material, that is, new materials and old materials are manufactured in a certain proportion. Many plastic turnover box manufacturers like to promote this kind of ordinary materials. Customers have made inquiries on the phone. If not specifically stated, their quotations are quotations of ordinary materials. Some small factories directly sell ordinary materials as new materials. It is difficult for customers to distinguish and they cannot be prevented.

2. Whether built-in steel pipe. Plastic is meat, steel pipe is bone. Pallets without steel pipes often become soft. In order to cope with the price war, many manufacturers do not quote steel pipes. However, in most application scenarios, the pallets without steel pipes are slightly heavier and the two ends of the pallet will be covered by the goods. When pressed down and bent, the goods will fall.

3. After-sales service. For the purchase of industrial products, the order amount is often hundreds of thousands. If there are problems that everyone can't predict, it will be a headache. As a customer, it is difficult to determine which company has a good after-sales service before purchasing. Here is a resume for everyone. Generally speaking, the bigger the company, the better the after-sales service. Many small companies write about the 5-year warranty period, and then they will ignore you if there are any problems, and large companies care about their reputation.

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