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7 Benefits Of Corrugated Plastic Dividers


7 Benefits of Corrugated Plastic Dividers : 1. The surf […]

7 Benefits of Corrugated Plastic Dividers :

1. The surface is smooth and the texture is very good
If the flatness and smoothness of the plastic board are good, it can bring a better visual experience and impression to customers. The paper board is prone to dust and powder residue, which is not easy to clean; the wood board is prone to corrosion and insects.

2. Strong toughness, not easy to break
The plastic sheet has good compression resistance and bending performance and is not easy to deform. Don't worry about such problems when using it, you can use it with confidence.

3. Lightweight
Compared with other materials, the plastic sheet is a very lightweight sheet, which can be used as a knife card, box, etc. It is very light and flexible, easy to take, safe, and reliable.

4. Rainproof and waterproof
Plastic has good physical properties, has anti-seepage and anti-leakage functions, and can well block the penetration and erosion of rain and sunlight on it. It is very practical to use it as a partition or baffle.

5. Green and environmental protection
It is a non-toxic and odorless food-grade raw material, which is very durable and wear-resistant and can be recycled.

6. Long service life
The service life of plastic boards is 40 times longer than that of ordinary paper materials. It has good anti-aging, shock, and pressure resistance effects, and has a very long shelf life.

7. Recyclable and usable
PP plastic sheets can be recycled, and after recycling, they can be further processed into other plastic products, which have a high utilization rate.


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