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Resistance Range Of Anti-static Corrugated Plastic Dividers


Anti-static Corrugated Plastic Dividers can also be pla […]

Anti-static Corrugated Plastic Dividers can also be placed in an anti-static plastic turnover box and its anti-static hollow board plastic turnover box as a sandwich. In addition, the anti-static hollow board can be made into a hollow board box for electronic devices and electronic components. Various household appliances; their volume resistivity is different, the anti-static hollow board is 106-1011Ω; the conductive hollow board is generally 104-105Ω.

Because the raw materials of the anti-static hollow board come from colorful, moderate price, high-quality performance and common main uses, it is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging raw materials widely adopted by most of my country in the world. There are thicknesses of 2--6MM to choose from, and different types of general, electrostatic induction and conductivity can be made.

Product performance characteristics of anti-static hollow board plastic turnover box: light, high compressive strength, odorless, compressive, anti-corrosion, anti-low temperature, waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-leakage, shock-resistant, thermal insulation (cold), thermal insulation, colorful, It is a new type of hollow board with the latest development trend in the world. It is cost-effective. It is a dream commodity that replaces soil and paper with plastic.

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