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Maintenance Tips For Corrugated Plastic Dividers


The application of the hollow board is very extensive, […]

The application of the hollow board is very extensive, but some details need to be paid attention to when using it, otherwise, the service life of the hollow board will be shortened. Below, let's take a look at the maintenance strategy of Corrugated Plastic Dividers :

1. The raw material of the turnover box produced by pp hollow board has poor heat resistance, so the plastic hollow board turnover box made of pp material should be careful to avoid prolonged sunlight exposure. The PP hollow board turnover box that has been exposed to sunlight is very easy to age, which affects its service life.

2. The pp hollow board turnover box is easy to deform. Therefore, when installing the cargo into the PP hollow board turnover box, care should be taken not to throw it from a high altitude. The goods should be placed reasonably in strict accordance with the regulations on cargo stacking, and should not be placed centrally in one place in the box, or stacked eccentrically.

3. The pp hollow board turnover box should not be dropped from a high place, so as to avoid damage and cracks of the hollow board turnover box caused by a violent impact.

4. When the pp hollow board is operated by a forklift or a manual hydraulic truck in the transportation project, it should be noted that the angle can be changed only after the fork barb lifts the pallet as smoothly as possible. The fork thorns should not hit the side of the pallet to avoid breaking the pallet and indirectly damage the PP hollow board turnover box and the goods. When the pallet is placed on the shelf, the shelf-type pallet must be used, and the carrying capacity depends on the structure of the shelf, and it cannot be overloaded.

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