1. We have a food& beverage manufacture customer th […]

1. We have a food& beverage manufacture customer that was using paper corrugated circulation totes between different production lines.
They replaced their paper corrugated totes 3 to 4 times a year due to damage occurring while in use. After replacing these corrugated paper totes with corrugated plastic in the same design, and with the exact same way to use their new corrugated plastic circulation containers.
Average service life is 20 times longer than corrugated paper totes, it easily lasts 4-5 years and pays for itself under 5 trips.
2. Wal-Mart was using a corrugated fiber box with an average usage of
2etrips per container. They make over 80 trips in some cases between Distribution Center and Retail Stores after the swap to the corrugated plastic container.

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