Corrugated Plastic VS Paper Core Boxes?


We are very familiar with both options as we located in […]

We are very familiar with both options as we located in the famous town of packaging in Xiaoshan district, Hangzhou City, China. There are plenty of manufacturers produce waxed Fiber Corrugated Core Boxes.
Even though we select the best-waxed option, it still can't compete with the Corrugated plastic option.
Corugated plastic has many advantages compare to Waxed Fiber Corrugated especially in some environments that Core Boxes are many times used in. Sometimes core samples are stored outdoors where the sun and rain are a constant factor. Also, the cores themselves could be anything from solid rock to a mix of wet soil.
The waxing paper is more expensive to ship due to its weight. Also, waxing gets very messy and slippery when exposed to heat and sun which is dangerous when handling heavy Core Boxes. Another advantage of corrugated plastic is 100% recyclable.
Plastic Corrugated is ideal for Core Boxes. It is not affected by water, the most chemicals or wet core samples itself. This makes it ideal for almost all types of environments. It is a very lightweight saving on shipping costs. It could store cores for years without any changes in the performance and is reusable for new projects.

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