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Why Corrugated Plastic Box Is More And More Popular


Corrugated Plastic Box is an outer packaging product re […]

Corrugated Plastic Box is an outer packaging product recommended by many countries. It has been widely used and loved by people because of its advantages of moisture resistance, good toughness, pollution-free, environmentally friendly, recyclable, etc.


1. Purpose: It can be used in various fields such as industrial product turnover boxes, agricultural products packaging boxes, luggage liners, and advertising.


2. Appearance features: colorful colors can be produced according to samples provided.

A corrugated Plastic Box is a box composed of a series of assembling, such as various cutting, compression molding, binding, assembly accessories, etc., with beautiful appearance, gorgeous and rich colors. It is mostly used as packaging boxes for items. Packaging materials for household appliances, hardware, food, vegetables, fruits, fish, plants, glass, medicine, pipe fittings, optical cable industries, etc., composite packaging boxes for auto parts, conductive and antistatic packaging boxes for sensitive electronic components, because With foldable function, it is very popular in the market.

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