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The Use Process Of Corrugated Plastic Container


Below, let’s discuss the scope of application of  Corru […]

Below, let’s discuss the scope of application of  Corrugated Plastic Container  :

  1. Industrial product packaging turnover: electronic component packaging turnover box, plastic parts turnover box, box partition knife card, anti-static hollow board turnover box, conductive hollow board turnover box.
  2. Luggage and handbag pallet: Luggage liner, luggage underlay, partition board.
  3. Bottle and can industry: glass bottle factory backing plate, bottle holder, canned product partition, can holder, backing plate.
  4. Machinery industry: machine buffer pad.
  5. Advertising industry: PP hollow board display box, display rack, advertising board, corona board.
  6. Home decoration: ceiling, grille, bathroom partition,
  7. Furniture industry: tea table pads, furniture decoration boards.
  8. Agriculture: various fruit crates, vegetable crates, pesticide crates, food crates, beverage crates; greenhouse roofs.
  9. Cultural and sports products: smart blackboard, file bag.
  10. Automobile industry: steering wheel pads, rear partitions, pads.
  11. Electrical industry: refrigerator and washing machine back panels, partitions.
  12. Baby products: baby carriage pads, children's smart hurdles.
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