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The Main Purpose Of The Corrugated Plastic Bin


Main uses of Corrugated Plastic Bin : 1. Mainly replace […]

Main uses of Corrugated Plastic Bin :

1. Mainly replace the ideal environmental protection materials such as corrugated cardboard, wood board, and metal plate;

2. Turnover boxes, spare parts turnover boxes, food turnover boxes, beverage turnover boxes, pesticide packaging boxes, inner packaging of precision instruments, pads, partitions, and transportation and storage turnover boxes for electronic components packaging;

3. Industrial boards, outer packaging protection of various items, pads, racks, partitions, bottom plates, cross plates, etc.;

4. Electronic industry packaging. Conductive packaging products are mainly used in the packaging of electronic parts, the purpose is to prevent other charged items from contacting them, causing spark damage to parts due to electric friction. In addition, there are conductive and antistatic plastic plates, turnover boxes, etc.;

5. Advertising decoration: display boards, commodity identification boards, billboards, light boxes, window shapes, etc.;

6. Household use: temporary partitions of residences, wall panels, ceiling panels, container covers, etc.;

7. For construction projects: drainage board for foundation construction, sound insulation board for house wall, indoor ceiling, etc.

8. Others, are used for backboards of washing machines, automobiles, water heaters, baby carriages, etc., packaging, storage, transportation pads, etc.

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