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Corrugated Plastic Case Manufacturer Introduces The Difference Between Pp Honeycomb Panel And Hollow Panel


Honeycomb panels and hollow panels seem to be similar i […]

Honeycomb panels and hollow panels seem to be similar in appearance, but they are quite different. What are the specifics? The following Corrugated Plastic Case  Manufacturer is here to introduce you:

A honeycomb panel is a composite board composed of two thinner panels firmly bonded on both sides of a thicker honeycomb core material. The honeycomb core material is usually a whole piece of leather hexagonal hollow (honeycomb-shaped) core board impregnated with synthetic resin (phenolic, polyester, etc.); the thickness of the core board is usually in the range of 15mm~45mm; the size of the cavity is in the range About 10mm. Commonly used panels are kraft paper, fiberboard, gypsum board, etc. impregnated with resin. The panel is firmly bonded to the scoreboard with a suitable adhesive.

The characteristics of the honeycomb board are large strength-to-weight ratio, average force, strong pressure resistance (destructive force of 720kg per square meter), low thermal conductivity, good shock resistance, and non-deformation, lightweight, and sound insulation effect. It is a decorative wood material The best kind.

A hollow board is a plastic sheet with a hollow structure formed at one time. The lightweight of the hollow core is the advantage of the plastic hollow board. Because of its lightweight, it is widely adopted in terms of turnover and cost. The hollow board can be processed into various colors, and the thickness of 2-12mm can be customized. The honeycomb board is commonly used in the thickness of 4mm, 7mm, and 11mm.

Hollow panels are generally made of environmentally friendly non-polluting recyclable thermoplastic polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (HDPE) resin, and various auxiliary materials. There is also a polycarbonate (PC) hollow panel, also known as the sunshine board, glass cap Longboard and PC hollow board are made of high-performance engineering plastic PC resin. It has the characteristics of high transparency, lightweight, impact resistance, sound insulation, heat insulation, flame resistance, and anti-aging. It is a high-tech, comprehensive Extremely excellent performance, energy-saving, and environmentally-friendly plastic sheet, is currently the most widely used plastic building material in the world.


The mechanical structure of plastic hollow panels is lower than honeycomb panels, but the price is much cheaper than honeycomb panels. At present, honeycomb panels are mainly used in the processing of automobile parts turnover boxes, and the plastic hollow panels are mainly used in the processing of internal partitions and internal knife card lining.

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