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Corrugated Plastic Box Supplier Introduces How To Judge The Thickness Of The Hollow Board


Now we can see hollow panels everywhere in our lives. I […]

Now we can see hollow panels everywhere in our lives. It is accepted by people for its environmental protection, durability, lightness, and corrosion resistance. So when it comes to lightness, how light is it? How thick can the lightweight hollow board be made? So below, the Corrugated Plastic Box  supplier will introduce how to judge the thickness of the hollow board:

The thickness and weight of the board directly affect the effect and price of its use, so many friends will ask the merchant about the relevant specifications of the board when buying. Generally speaking, the thickness of the lightweight hollow board is a few millimeters to one centimeter. Around, the thickest can even reach more than one centimeter. If it is too thick, it may affect the weight and use the effect of the overall board.

The advantages and characteristics of the hollow board are very obvious. It can be produced into finished products of various sizes and colors according to customer needs.


For example, the logistics industry likes to use lightweight hollow boards to make logistics turnover boxes of different sizes. This kind of box can ensure the safety of the products in it, especially medicine and auto parts are special products, from loading to unloading, there are very strict requirements, and the box made of the lightweight hollow board can completely guarantee them The performance is not affected by the outside world. Also, because the board weight is relatively light, unnecessary expenses can be reduced during transportation and loading and unloading.

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