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Corrugated Plastic Bin Manufacturers Introduce How To Distinguish The Quality Of The Hollow Board


Like all other products, the quality of the plastic hol […]

Like all other products, the quality of the plastic hollow boards is good or bad, and there are many hollow board manufacturers in the market, which makes it difficult to standardize the product quality. Compared with ordinary cardboard, the plastic hollow board has the advantages of moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, and lighter weight. It is widely used in many industries. However, the quality of plastic hollow boards on the market is uneven. Below, Corrugated Plastic Bin Manufacturers introduce how to distinguish the quality of the hollow board.
1. Color: First observe the color of the hollow board, the plastic hollow board with good quality is bright and lustrous, and the hollow board of the same color has a uniform color and no color difference. Take the plastic hollow board to a place with good light. If you find that the color is dark or white-gray, there may be a problem with the raw materials for the production of the plastic hollow board.
2. Density: Generally, the higher the density, the better the quality of the board. Take two plastic hollow boards of the same size and place them in the left and right hands, and flip them. The quality of the heavier feel is relatively better. better.
3. Physical properties: Take a small piece of plastic hollow board and fold it in half by hand. The tough board is of better quality, can better cope with various situations during the use process, and has a better service life, while the hard, brittle and easy to break, And overly soft ones are not great.

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