Popular designs: Nestable Plastic Corrugated Totes


One of the most used and popular design would be Nestab […]

One of the most used and popular design would be Nestable Tote.

There are several million nestable Totes that have been purchased and used in a large variety of industries over the past two decades. For example Cosmetics, Laboratories, Automotive, Distribution, Warehousing, Farming, Parts Manufacturing, and Clothing Manufacturing and so on. The Paper Corrugated totes will need to be replaced a few times a year. The corrugated plastic containers are last 20times longer compared to a paper one. The"nestable design"means about 70% body is stacked inside the next tote when they are stored.A steel wire frame is reinforcing and strengthening the tote by welded around the top portion of it. It is ideal for product handling, product storage. Multiple custom colors are available and it is a very helpful tool for maintaining inventory control.

Corrugated plastic pallet sleeve/coaming/bulk container

Our most widely used Large Plastic Corrugated Container is plastic pallet sleeve/coaming.This is a full-size pallet container that folds down for return shipment and storage-saving on warehouse and trailer space.
This container weight 18kg itself.It can be customized to many different sizes and can be manufactured with or without drop doors.This also has been sold in the millions and is used in almost every industry imaginable.

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