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How Is Corrugated Plastic Sheet Recycled


The express boxes we usually use are disposable items, […]

The express boxes we usually use are disposable items, which may be discarded after use. Today we are going to tell you how to recycle the Corrugated Plastic Sheet for express boxes.

1. In the past, most of the express industry used paper boxes, and the effect of paper boxes in moisture-proof and flame-retardant capacity was very poor. At this time, hollow corrugated boxes with waterproof, fire-proof, mildew-proof and anti-static functions appeared, It is not only lightweight and easy to fold, but it also has a protective function, which brings strong protection to the box itself and the goods inside.


2. The hollow corrugated box does not need to be discarded after use. It can be reused in the express delivery industry according to the actual field of use and the degree of wear of the box. On the one hand, it saves the cost of multiple purchases. Made a certain contribution. When the customer recycles the express box, he must first look at the integrity of the box. When the function of the box is guaranteed to be intact, then the recycling work is carried out. An express box can be used for about five years according to the number of times it has been recycled. Said the price is very high.

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