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Eight Application Advantages Of Corrugated Plastic Sheet​


Eight application advantages of Corrugated Plastic Shee […]

Eight application advantages of Corrugated Plastic Sheet​ :

1. High-quality structural mechanical properties
The material and structure of the stone-based hollow board plate promote it to have excellent structural mechanical properties such as good ductility, impact resistance, high tensile strength, buffer shock resistance, and excellent bending performance.

2. Lightweight board
The stone-based hollow board has high-quality structural mechanical properties. Compared with other materials, it can achieve the same practical effect of compressive strength. The application of the stone-based hollow board can achieve fewer consumables, low control costs, and overall weight reduction.

3. Waterproof
The application of the Shiji hollow board is different from the unique raw materials and processing technology of the traditional carton so that it has the performance that the traditional carton does not have under the same performance as the traditional carton. It is waterproof, waterproof, and maintains the contents. Objects.

4. Anti-static. Mysterious fire will be extinguished
Adding different raw materials to the manufacturing raw materials, and developing modified materials, mixing, and surface painting on the board can make the stone-based hollow board have the performance of antistatic, or extinguishing flames.

5. Organic chemistry performance is stable
Because the raw material of the stone-based hollow board is mainly calcium bicarbonate, it can be waterproof, waterproof, corrosion-resistant, moth-proof, non-steaming, and has significant advantages compared with paper board and a wooden board. Photograph.

6. The surface is bright and clean, beautiful and generous. Full-color tone
Because the Shiji hollow board uses the masterbatch heating and extrusion molding process, the color can be developed according to the addition of different color masterbatches to the raw materials, which can be customized at will, and the surface is smooth, which is convenient for packaging and printing.

7. The actual effect of environmental protection is remarkable
The stone-based hollow board has the characteristics of environmental protection, non-toxicity, and zero pollution. It is easy to solve the waste and is not easy to cause environmental pollution to the natural environment. The waste can be recycled and reused to make other stone products.

8. Biodegradation of raw materials
If it is expected that the raw material can be dissolved, a different ratio of modifier can be added to the raw material, which can make the raw material dissolve and delaminate in a different time, because its main component is calcium bicarbonate, and the dissolved raw material has no effect on the natural environment. Easy to cause adverse effects.

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