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Corrugated Plastic Partitions Manufacturer Introduces The Characteristics Of Plastic Corrugated Products


Nowadays, transfer boxes are used in the transportation […]

Nowadays, transfer boxes are used in the transportation process. These transfer boxes, from paper to current plastic corrugated products, have realized the characteristics of environmental protection and long life. Let’s take a look at the characteristics of plastic corrugated products with a Corrugated Plastic Partitions Manufacturer.


1. Moisture-proof, moth-proof, non-toxic, tasteless, wear-resistant, and impact-resistant.


2 boxes. Open the lid on the left and right sides. There are lock holes at both ends of the lid, which can be attached with locks to prevent leakage of documents and play a safety role.


3. Convenient turnover, can be stacked up and down to save space. Suitable for long-distance transportation.

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