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Corrugated Plastic Dividers Manufacturer Introduces How To Choose A Hollow Board


Corrugated Plastic Dividers  Manufacturer introduces th […]

Corrugated Plastic Dividers  Manufacturer introduces the precautions for purchasing hollow board:


1. Making raw materials. The high-quality hollow board is made of high-performance engineering plastic PC resin, which has the characteristics of high transparency, lightweight, impact resistance, sound insulation, heat insulation, flame resistance, and aging resistance. The waterproof performance of the turnover box made of the hollow board is much better than that of ordinary boxes and foam boxes, mainly because the plastic PC resin used in the hollow board is very waterproof and is not affected by water.


2. The thickness of the skin (sheet). Check whether the edge of the hollow board has sand penetration and glue seepage and whether the water application experiment shows blue, transparent, and other phenomena. If the above problems exist, the skin is generally thin. 

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