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Corrugated Plastic Cell System Wholesalers Introduces The Application Range Of Corrugated Hollow Board


Corrugated Plastic Cell System Wholesalers Introduces P […]

Corrugated Plastic Cell System Wholesalers Introduces PP Corrugated Hollow Sheet is a double-walled profile extrusion connected by a series of vertical ribs, providing a semi-rigid sheet with high impact properties and an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. Polypropylene hollow profile panels are a multifunctional product that, due to the properties of tough polypropylene, are used in a wide range of applications:


1. The use of corrugated hollow boards is endless, these boxes are made of one material and are widely used in the packaging of vegetables, fruits, fish, and plants, glass and pharmaceutical packaging, composite boxes for auto parts, and packaging of sensitive electronic components of conductive and antistatic grades, these packages are now popular in the collapsible bulk box market.


2. The hollow board sheets we provide can be used as containers for sensitive electronic components to avoid electrostatic damage.


3. In addition, these sheets can be used as protective sheets, packing sheets, luggage racks, and separation sheets in food, pharmaceutical, and other industries.


4. These sheets are used in the production of consumer packaging as well as boxes and crates to protect goods in transport and in the advertising industry (eg for signs).


5. It is perfect for making folders, adhesives, containers, and other equipment and accessories used in the office.


6. After entering the display stand industry, PP hollow board has been accepted by many countries and industries. It breaks through many limitations of traditional cardboard display stands and wooden display stands, with lighter weight, longer life, lower average cost and larger weight, and more alternative colors to choose from. What's more, the corrugated plastic board is fully degradable and recyclable (in fact it's easier to recycle and degrade than cardboard).

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