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Compression Reasons For Corrugated Plastic Sheets


The calcium plastic box is composed of polyethylene or […]

The calcium plastic box is composed of polyethylene or polypropylene raw materials and calcium carbonate powder, and then adds some lubricants zinc stearate, barium stearate, antioxidant CA, and DLTP filler, and then mixes and mixes at high pressure and high temperature. It is made by rolling, with high strength, adjustable hardness and good compression resistance. Compression reasons for corrugated plastic sheets :


1. The rigidity of polypropylene and polyethylene is determined. Both are crystalline resins, and the rigidity of the resin is generally related to its degree of crystallization.


2. The chemical properties of polypropylene and polyethylene are stable. They are resistant to all organic chemicals and solvents, have good acid resistance, alkali resistance, excellent corrosion resistance, plus the water and moisture resistance of plastics, and are not affected by the external environment at all.


3. Various stabilizers can be added to strengthen the calcium-plastic board during the production process to prevent aging. The formula with added stabilizer can be divided into two types: the formula for food containers and the industrial formula for harsh conditions at high temperatures. Manufacturers can make preparations according to their needs during production, including the rigidity, viscosity, heat resistance, impact resistance, transparency of the product. , shrinkage, warpage, etc.

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