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7 Advantages Of Corrugated Plastic Case


Corrugated Plastic Case is suitable for packaging and t […]

Corrugated Plastic Case is suitable for packaging and transportation flow in industries such as hardware, electronic components, precision machinery, food, medicine, clothing, footwear, postal packaging, auto parts, etc., based on component design to ensure a reasonable load of electronic products Scale, turnover boxes can be overlapped, efficient space utilization of factories, freight yards, production workshops, increase storage capacity, storage, and transportation to reduce production costs. under. Take a look at the seven unique advantages of Corrugated Plastic Case:

1. Lightweight and material saving: The plastic hollow board has excellent mechanical properties, and the same effect is achieved year on year. The use of plastic hollow boards has fewer consumables, low cost, and is lightweight.

2. Heat insulation and sound insulation: Due to the hollow structure of the plastic hollow board, its heat and sound transmission effect are significantly lower than that of the solid board, and it has good heat insulation and sound insulation effect.

3. Good mechanical properties: The special structure of the plastic hollow board makes it have excellent mechanical properties such as good toughness, impact resistance, high compressive strength, cushioning and shock resistance, high stiffness, and good bending performance.

4. The environmental protection effect is obvious: the plastic hollow board has the characteristics of non-toxic and non-polluting, and the disposal is simple and will not cause pollution to the environment.

5. Stable chemical properties: plastic hollow board can be waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-insect erosion, free of fumigation and has obvious advantages compared with cardboard and wood.

6. Anti-static, conductive, flame retardant: Modification, mixing, surface spraying and other methods can make the plastic hollow board have anti-static, conductive, or flame retardant properties.

7. The surface is smooth and beautiful, and the colors are complete: due to the special molding process of the plastic hollow board, any color can be achieved by the color matching of the color masterbatch, and the surface is smooth and easy to print.

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